Desparate Lengths for Coffee (Flåm, Norway)

Although I’ve mostly posted my experimental photos and videos so far, this blog is also meant to document my many travels. This weekend I am in Flåm, Norway with a close friend from college, Dr. Jessica Williams who is a philosophy professor at USF. Flåm is famous for its fjords, which are collectively a UNESCO heritage site. More photos to come later – Jessica insisted I post this anecdote today.

We are staying about 1 mile from the city center (which is very touristy) because we preferred a more authentic experience. We’re in the middle of the mountains and there are only a few houses. Businesses are scarce. We are both addicted to morning coffee.

Our AirBnB has limited cooking utensils and none of them are intended for coffee, except possibly one canister that has large holes and might be intended for tea (see photo below).

Yesterday when we were in town, we bought a bag of ground coffee. I brewed it overnight in a pot, which was the best receptacle that we had, by mixing 7 spoonfuls of coffee with 6 small Europe mugs worth of water. This essentially made cold brew.

This morning, I poured the concoction into the tea canister. To filter the grounds, I emptied a tea bag and held the empty bag to the mouth of the canister as I poured the coffee into our mugs. Here’s the slightly-insane photo that Jessica took (and insisted that I posted) of me with these contraptions. It’s early morning and I still have yesterday’s makeup on. So, forgive the appearance #not trying #not sorry #allme 😉

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International neuroscientist. I study culture and sometimes make art. Italian-American, currently working in Amsterdam. Professional author. Photohobbyist. Full-time adventurer.

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