How to eat a pinecone (Aarhus, Denmark)

The grocery store was selling pinecones as food. For me, this was very intriguing. I couldn’t imagine how a pinecone could be eaten, so I bought one.

The only information that I could find online about how to eat it was on this Danish website:

It says that pinecones are a delicacy because there are only special types that can be eaten. The website doesn’t give a recipe but it says that the pinecone has to be “opened” by heating it in the oven or by setting it on the radiator for a month. The website also says that “opening” pinecones will make the house smell nice.

Slow cooking a pinecone using the radiator? This was even more intriguing, so I tried it.

Mika was also curious.

Exactly 20 days after I set the pinecone on the radiator, I noticed that it was starting to “open”.

An hour later, it’s “pedals” started falling off.

An hour or two after that, it started dropping black pods. In the photo below, you can see many more pods still inside the pinecone.

The next day, nearly all of the black pods had fallen out of the pinecone on their own. I pealed one of the pods open, and guess what’s inside?

A pinenut! What nice surprise!

And the website is right – they do make the house smell good.

Published by Dr. Daina Crafa

International neuroscientist. I study culture and sometimes make art. Italian-American, currently working in Amsterdam. Professional author. Photohobbyist. Full-time adventurer.

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